Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day ONE!

So my foray into the release version of WildStar got off to a decent, slightly rocky start. Unlike many others, I've had pretty decent queue times- don't get me wrong, they're still there (I'm actually sitting at 1087 right now), but overall it seems to be ticking along at a reasonable pace.

My first order of business, as with any other game, was to make the "all important" decision about which race to play. Let's get this out of the way first: I'm playing Exile. Dominion have an interesting dynamic, what with being religious zealots in a sense, but how do you NOT choose to be a space cowboy when the choice is available? You don't.

In a perfect world, I think I would have preferred Mordesh- there's something very appealing about their sort of tragic hero story- but alas, it would seem that they don't have the mental capacity to be an Esper (it would probably help to have a fully functional brain). I wasn't about to play a class with big ears, so instead I chose my only other option: Exile Human.

Of course I had to give him a bald head- it's really the only way to ensure that my wiggly blue brainwaves cause maximum damage.

For those of you who have been skipping over the little cut scenes that WildStar offers: shame on you. One of the biggest draws for me when it comes to WildStar is how expressive the faces of their characters are. They have the perfect mixture of cartoony exuberance and badassness that really make them entertaining to watch. Seeing Deadeye Brightland admit that he was glad he didn't shoot me with a coy little smirk on his face was really a sight to behold. Not to mention skipping over these beginning quests takes a lot of some of the emotional impact of what happens once you get off Gambler's Run (that's all I'll say...)

My only real complaints up to this point have to do with the cost of skills (they're effectively wiping out my money with every level), and the fact that I can't quite run the game as well as I would like to. I hear optimization is coming, and the game is certainly playable, but I would definitely like to do more with what I have.

As I sit in queue now (I hopped off for a little to get a bite to eat), I'm already excited to get back to it. I sit at level  7ish and I'm pretty pumped to experience some of the lower-level group content with guildies. I promise to tell you all about it when the time comes!

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