Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again (A Reintroduction of Sorts)

As promised, Blue Blades Blog has returned with renewed vigor! Before I get into the meat of this post, however, I should do a bit of explaining as to why I've gone nearly 6 months without so much as a word.

I was fortunate enough to take part in WildStar's Fall beta test weekends. At first, the game really captured me (after all, it's why I decided to start this blog). I played on the designated weekends when I could, and it seemed the game was living up to everything that I had hoped. After the beta ended, I was told that I would more than likely be receiving a spot in the full-on Winter Beta; I was excited, and I waited patiently until that email arrived telling me I was good to go.

I won't lie: upon having more time to sit down and digest the game, it was capturing me in the way I had hoped. Things seemed clunky, slow, and difficult. The game didn't run quite well on my machine, even though I have a fairly new system, and my Esper felt week. I was disenchanted, and stopped playing for quite some time.

Eventually, I decided that I should give the game another go (mind you, this was with only about a month of beta'ing left, and so I didn't have a ton of time to invest). For whatever reason, this time through made the game far more desirable and enjoyable. I had reevaluated what I personally was looking for from the game, and with some research on how to actually play the Esper, I found myself able to mow through enemies in a much more capable manner. I decided at that point to purchase the game, and dive in head-first.

So here we are, back in the saddle again and ready to deliver to you my adventures, thoughts, and stories from the planet Nexus. I think it would be appropriate to take the time and reestablish what this blog is and what it is not:

- For me to document my adventures in WildStar with friends
- For me to share my personal thoughts on the Esper class in mildly educated manner
- For me to try and generate discussion amongst the Esper community about the class and its capabilities

- An official source of any info from Carbine or its developers
- A theorycrafting site (seriously, I suck at that)

Everything I post here may not always be completely optimized or match your experience with the class- then again, if that were the case, why bother typing it out? My hope is that while reading this blog, you get to have a couple laughs and join in the conversation as we explore this brand new world.

Check back a bit later tonight when I delve deeper into what sort of Esper I made, what I hope to accomplish with him, and maybe even a screenshot or two!

Now back to the queue line with you!

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